Mitch Gross: Writing Samples

About Mitch

Rocketed to Earth from a doomed planet, Mitch now lives among us as a mild-mannered community manager, grass-roots marketer, product evangelist, and writer. When not chatting with fans, he splits his time between New York City, Azeroth, and the Capital Wasteland.

More seriously, he is an experienced team leader with years of experience in a variety of industries and settings. He has managed websites and communities including and and has led designers and coders in the redesign and daily maintenance of such sites as, and among others. He has a strong interest in technology and training, with the main focus of his career being in the videogame and education fields. On all levels of a product he believes in a customer service mentality; always focusing on what will be best for the client or his employer as well as the customers they are servicing. With stints in videogame development, magazine publishing, and corporate presentation, intense deadlines are the norm for him. Staying on top of innovations in technology is important to him and he is very experienced at implementing new technology and coming up with the specifications and documentation to back it up. In addition to his game development, graphic design and grassroots marketing experience, Mitch has performed in a variety of capacities including product evangelist, project manager, mentor, accounts receivables, order tracking, website manager, community moderator, content editor and freelance writer.


Community management, game development, grassroots marketing, product evangelism, art direction, graphic and web design, training, writing and editing, animation (Flash), community management, game development, project management, customer service, accounts receivables, order tracking, curriculum development, computer setup and repair, scripting (PHP, Actionscript), photo retouching, scheduling, quality assurance, usability testing, desktop publishing, corporate presentations, HTML/CSS

For more information, visit his LinkedIn page at


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