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The Sirens: Coding Their Cake and Eating It Too

Posted in Samples by Mitch on January 2, 2009

An all-female character group? Sounds a little extreme, right?

Well, The Sirens is an organization that’s all about working as a team and having fun.

According to Siren Kayaus, “We were the first all-female RSI faction in beta. But, I think that we stand out because we listen to our members. I never understood why some other factions seem to want to rule with an iron fist? It’s counter-productive as a whole. We are also laid back, which also helps out a lot. We pretty much look out for each other. That’s really our main goal. I would have to say for those main reasons we have gained SO many new members as of late.”

The Sirens look out for their members and have been getting a lot of new people joining and a lot of attention of late. They are allied with the Merovingian and consider themselves a special operations and assassination squad. As they put it, “we want the machines smashed, and the Matrix preserved as a haven for the Exiles and human entertainment.”

They’ve given their philosophy the name “cake” – inspired by the special cake the Merovingian created in The Matrix Reloaded – which they explain is symbolic of the more entertaining (and sexy) side of the Matrix. Enjoying the game is what they, and their founder Nimbus (who also founded the Collective), are all about.

Siren Scully explained, “The Sirens are about “Cake”. What is “Cake” you may ask. I would say it’s that sexy, cool and slightly perverse but also entertaining side of the Matrix. Do you remember how much FUN the Merovingian had while teasing Neo, Trinity and Morpheus? Well, that is attitude of The Sirens. We are out to 1.) enjoy this psuedo-existence within the Matrix 2.) revel in it’s physical-social pleasures 3.) and become an influential part of the community as a whole. Being a Siren is something that will be coveted, much like “The Eyes of the Oracle”. We are aligned with Merv and the Exiles in general. Our political tone is one simliar to the tone of most underground movements. Leave us alone to do what we like to do and we will leave you alone. We seek cooperation and compassion over factional conflict as a rule.”

Communication is key to the success of The Sirens. A council oversees the organization and they have an elected leader – Cycles is the current one – but their membership is very vocal and involved on their forums and Team Speak as well as AIM and MSN.

When The Sirens are asked who some of their notable members are, they all answer that every member is important and unique and contributes to the group. One member who should be mentioned however is Ika who is the “token male” of the organization, or as some of the members refer to him, the “pet male” of the group.

The major rule in The Sirens is that you have to have a female RSI to be a member. Whatever your sex in real life makes no difference as long as you can respectfully play a “sister” in the game – except for Ika of course! Prospective members must also be mature though there is no specific age requirement and have to agree to their code of conduct. There is also a one week evaluation period.

Most of the activity of the group is focused on helping each other. Leveling up, finding abilities and other needed items and grouping for mobs, missions and dungeons. They also party as much as possible!

Though he is the token male of the group, Ika echoed the feelings of the other members about The Matrix Online, “As a lay philosopher and technology enthusiast, I loved the original Matrix movie and the entire trilogy. When I found out about this I knew I had to try to get in on the beta test. I started in October and have seen the game make great strides. It has some ways to go but for starting somewhere it’s pretty solid. I have seen other MMOs and they just don’t appeal to me. As a game, this does and the fact that it is an extension of the philosophy and storyline of the movie is very compelling and thus I am very enthusiastic about this game. I respect the effort and the commitment to a quality experience that Monolith and WB have and it shows.”

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